Well Hello, Reality. It’s Been Awhile.

I am thirty-six weeks pregnant. For those of you that subscribe to the basic math of one month = four weeks, that works out to be nine months pregnant. For further perspective, Zoey and Eleanor were both born at thirty-nine weeks. As in, three weeks from now.


I am having a BABY in approximately THREE WEEKS!!!!

I realize this probably should have occurred to me sometime during the past nine months. You know, the whole “impending newborn” thing. But, honestly, I’ve just kind of being going along like nothing had changed except the size of clothes I fit in and a daily need for anti-nausea medicine.

My mom once told me she was in denial that she was having me (her third child) up until hours after I was born. She then sat there in the hospital room, looking back and forth from newborn me to my fourteen month old brother and thinking, “I have a baby. How can I have a baby??? I already HAVE a baby!!” Mom: I hereby formally apologize for any judgement and/or hurt feelings I may have directed toward you when you told me that. Because I get it now. I really get it now. Denial has been my constant companion for almost a year and it suddenly just ran away and left me with the shock of OH MY GOD WE’RE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!

To be clear, I will have three children under the age of five. A child with special needs, a toddler with special attitude, and soon, a baby with special newborness.

Oh good lord, what was I thinking????

Send reinforcements. If not in the form of actual people, chocolate and wine will suffice. In the meantime, I’m going to commence with “nesting madness” and go wash baby clothes and diapers, pack a hospital bag, make sure the crib and changing table are put together and ready…oh crap, there’s a really long list of “preparing for baby” things hanging on the fridge that I’ve been ignoring for months. Help!

2 thoughts on “Well Hello, Reality. It’s Been Awhile.

  1. I get it. I was in that same boat, too…especially since kid # 3 came 18 months after kid # 2. Nine months of pregnancy was not enough time to get my thoughts in order!

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