A Weekend of Peaceful Bliss

My husband and I just had the most relaxing, wonderful weekend. Picture this: a cozy cabin in the Cascade Mountains, near the Snoqualmie National Forest. A warm, crackling fire, board games, hours to read novels in blissful silence, a light dusting of snow falling outside our windows…and not a child to be seen or heard anywhere. Aaahhhh. So nice!

That is how Zach and I spent this past weekend, courtesy of my parents and some generous friends. My parents’ Christmas gift to us this year was the offer to babysit the girls for three days/two nights so Zach and I could have a chance to get away together before the baby is born. It is the first time we have ever both left the girls overnight together, and the first time we’ve had a trip anywhere, alone, since our honeymoon. Knowing I will be out of work again very soon, our budget is really tight. We couldn’t really afford to get a hotel anywhere. We also didn’t want to be too far from the hospital where I will be delivering, given how close we are getting to the due date. Enter our generous friends. They have a cabin less than two hours drive from Seattle and agreed to let us use it for the weekend.

A rustic mountain cabin
The rustic mountain cabin

Oh, I can’t even describe how wonderful it was to have the time alone to reconnect with each other. We have always made our marriage a priority, since we became parents so quickly after our wedding. However, even with the best of intentions and frequent date nights, there are times when parenting and work life overwhelms us and our relationship with each other (as well as alone time for personal sanity) is forced to take a back seat. With the craze of the holidays and two months of constant sickness in 3/4 of our family, that is exactly what had been happening lately.

We played board games. We spent countless hours reading in quiet companionship. We took a walk outside and I got a chance to play with the new camera lenses I had received for Christmas. We drove to Ellensburg and watched the Seahawks win their playoff game on a gigantic screen while we ate delicious, half-priced happy hour food for dinner (it was the only screen time we had the whole weekend. No TV, no computers, no ipad, no phone except to check in with my parents). It was just so wonderful to unplug from the rest of the world and focus on each other and ourselves.

Snow falling gently outside the cabin
Snow falling gently outside the cabin

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