Dreams for 2015

This past year seems to have just flown by in the blink of an eye. It’s hard for me to comprehend the difference between one year ago and now. Eleanor’s age is essentially double what it was then, and her capabilities have more than quadrupled. You wouldn’t recognize Zoey from the girl described in her IEP one year ago. You’d hardly recognize me, for that matter, as I’m now approximately double the size I was a year ago! Eight months pregnant…I can finally start to see the light at the end of the (very) pregnant tunnel.

I’m not much of one for setting New Year’s resolutions or even goals. I am, however, a dreamer, and I do have dreams and hopes for what this next year will hold. As I reflect on all the many blessings 2014 has brought to me and my family, it is with joyful anticipation that I stride forward into 2015. I’d like to share with you, the internet, the universe, just a few of my dreams for this next year. May the turn of the calendar find you peaceful, thankful and joyful.

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1) An empowering, successful VBAC birth. Probably the most important wish I have for this year, and certainly one of the most imminent. I’m realistic in my hopes, and truly feel a positive birth experience can be had again, just as I did when Eleanor was born. Perhaps even more so this time.

2) Breastfeeding. I never thought I’d enjoy nursing a baby so much. At most, I figured I would be ambivalent about it. However, I have found that it is the thing I’m most looking forward to with this new baby. I hope it goes as smoothly as it did with Zoey and Eleanor.

3) Spending more quality time with my husband. Lord help me, I fall more in love with that man every day. We have always striven to make building our marriage an important focus in our lives, as we had only a couple short married months before becoming parents. Our date nights, however simple they may be, are one of my greatest sources of joy. I just truly enjoy his company and the relationship that is just between us.

4) Yoga. I know, I know. Everyone makes exercise goals for the new year. This isn’t really about that though. Yes, I want to get a slimmer body back after baby, and I want to be healthy and strong. But I also enjoy that my yoga time is time when I focus on just me, when I address my mental health at the same time as the physical. I have truly missed yoga during this pregnancy, and know I will have to be patient until my body has had a chance to recover from childbirth before I can truly begin again. But I do hope spring will find me reunited with my yoga mat and inner peace.

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