Baby Kicks

There can be a lot of similarities – and a lot of differences – between each pregnancy a mom experiences. With this pregnancy, I’m noticing a significant difference in baby’s movement levels compared to my pregnancies with Zoey and Eleanor. I realized when pregnant with Eleanor just how little Zoey ever moved. Stuck in breech position from conception, Zoey never once turned or flipped. What I didn’t realize until the next pregnancy, however, was how little Zoey ever kicked. She frequently had hiccups, but I rarely ever felt the single, sudden movements of a kick or flailing arm.

Eleanor was all about stretching her legs. I nicknamed her “Little Foot” while still in the womb because she would so often stretch her legs out, pushing her tiny foot or feet out against my abdomen. I could actually feel where her heel and ball of the foot were. The first time Eleanor turned inside of me was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life. There are just no words to describe that feeling of having your internal organs rearranged! She only did it a few times, and that was just fine by me!

This baby, like Zoey, has yet to ever flip. That is just fine by me, since this kiddo knows which way the exit is and has been in a nice head-down position all along. She or he will, however, spin like a top. Often I feel a tiny baby bum poking out on my left while feet kick me or stretch out on the right, and other times those sides are switched. Now and then the little punk will “burrow” down really low in my pelvis and then either lie sideways or stretch out with his or her arms as wide as possible in my hips. That’s super comfortable! This baby is also hands-down the most active overall and the most predictable. Every evening around nine or so, baby just starts kicking and stretching up a storm. The past week or so, he or she has become a lot more active during the day as well.

The other day, I was lying on the couch trying to rest and Zoey and Eleanor were both clambering all over me. To distract them, I asked them if they wanted to say “hi” to the baby. Zoey immediately put her face down close to my belly and starting saying sweet things like, “Hi baby. I love you baby.” As soon as she did, baby started kicking me. I put Zoey’s hand where she could feel the kicks and told her to talk to the baby again. The look of delight on Zoey’s face when the baby responded with a kick was pure gold. Watching how much she loves this baby already, and how excited she is for him or her to be born, just melts my heart.

2 thoughts on “Baby Kicks

  1. I wonder if the in-womb behavior reflects how they act as a child? Like do the energetic ones stay wild? And the calm ones stay calm?

    1. Somewhat, yes! Eleanor is definitely much more active and silly, while Zoey loves quiet and calm activities. Lord help me if this little ninja holds true to his/her in utero personality on the outside!

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