More Fall Toddler and Preschooler Crafts

There’s something about fall that just makes a mom feel crafty, amirite? I kicked off my annual crafting splurge by sewing us some new fall-themed cloth napkins:


After that, it only seemed right to get the kids in on the crafting action. Zoey enjoyed last year’s fall crafts so much and had been begging to do some new art projects.

We started off with traditional Halloween ghosts. Some squares of white fabric from the scrap bin, yarn and markers and voila! Friendly ghosts! We hung ours in the front window of the house.


Eleanor had been pulling the paints out of the art bin and begging to use them on an almost daily basis, so I figured I should come up with another project involving them. I had a large felt leaf and pumpkin from the dollar aisle I’d been meaning to use in some sort of craft for the girls and this seemed like the perfect time. The felt was really stiff, perfect for tracing and using as a template.


So I cut out both a pumpkin and a leaf for each girl from construction paper. Then I gave them each a paper plate dabbed with “fall colored” paints. I figured, why not use this as a learning opportunity? I had the girls tell me what colors were fall colors, encouraging them to peek out the window at the changing leaves for inspiration.



After the girls painted blank pieces of paper with the fall colors, I helped them top the painting with the void made by cutting out the pumpkins and leaves.



The girls also painted and glittered the cutout pumpkins and leaves, but I forgot to take pictures of them to share with you. So there you go. Easy peasy fall crafts for toddlers and preschoolers.

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