Zoey’s First Haircut – For Real This Time

I did it. I finally cut Zoey’s hair. When she was Eleanor’s age, I trimmed her bangs to keep them out of her eyes, same as I’ve done for Eleanor. But I never touched the beautiful long locks that tumble down her back into effortless spiral curls.

Check out these curls!
Check out these curls!

I mean, honestly, her hair is gorgeous. We get compliments and comments on it all the time and all I can do is smile, shake my head and say, “I know.”

Give me those curls!
Give me those curls!

However. It is Zoey’s hair, not mine, and she has been asking to have it cut for a very long time now. She first started asking over the summer, when she noticed I had cut Zach’s hair. I couldn’t even begin to handle the idea of it then, so I quickly talked her out of it by mentioning that it would mean cutting off all her “curlies” and they might not ever come back. She immediately changed her mind and I breathed a big sigh of relief.

Over the next couple months, Zoey would randomly bring up the idea of a haircut now and then, but always end with some comment about how she wanted to keep her “curlies.” It was as if she was testing the waters. The past week or two she has outright asked almost every day for me to cut her hair. Every day we had the same discussion: what we would be able to do with it (or not do) at various lengths, how long it would take to grow back, the chance that her curls may or may not come back. I wanted her to think about it for awhile so that we could be sure she really understood the choice she was making (at least, understood it as well as a four year old can) and it wasn’t just a whim.

Honestly, though, it needed to be cut. When not in a ponytail, Zoey’s hair was all the way to her waist. I remember how much my hair drove me crazy as a kid when it was that long, and it seemed to be irritating Zoey as well. It was also getting somewhat unmanageable from my end: always getting in her food, a constant snare of knots at the end that were torturous for her when I brushed them out, the lengthy process of washing and rinsing that her sensory system has learned to endure but is still always a struggle for her. It was time for a haircut.

We took a few last pictures to document the curls:


unfurled curls
unfurled curls

Then we washed her hair, wrapped her in a robe and set about cutting:

So excited!
So excited!
The first cut is the hardest...
The first cut is the hardest…
Apparently we have the same smirk...
Apparently we have the same smirk…
All done!
All done!


In the end, I cut off about four or five inches of hair, bringing it from waist-level to mid-back. Zoey was happy that we saved her “curlies” in a ziploc bag to put in her baby book. No way am I letting go of those!

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