Dear Teacher

Dear Zoey’s Teacher,


I am writing to you in the hope that advanced warning means you won’t be calling the authorities. Please bear with me. This morning I overheard a game Zoey was playing with her little sister, Eleanor. (For the record, both girls seemed to find this game delightful). Zoey was explaining to Eleanor that she had to “go in her cage and stay locked up until midnight” as punishment for not making her bed.

First of all, I very rarely bother trying to get the girls to make their beds. It’s all about choosing your battles, right? That one ain’t worth fightin’.

Secondly, I have not ever locked my children in a cage as punishment for anything, nor have I even threatened to do so. Not that the idea hasn’t crossed my mind once or twice about a hundred times a day. I mean, I’m a mom. I can’t afford luxuries like child cages.

So, you see, you have nothing to worry about should you observe Zoey playing a similar game with her classmates. All is good and proper here at Clegg House.


Zoey’s Mom.

P.S. I plead the fifth regarding any photographic evidence that could be used against me.

Thanksgiving 2013

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