Fire Fighter Birthday Party

Bring on the lights and sirens! We’ve got ourselves a four year old!!

It's hard to wear a firefighter hat with a bun in your hair.
It’s hard to wear a firefighter hat with a bun in your hair.

First thing after breakfast there presents. One of the biggest hits was the penguin egg. Zach found it in the zoo gift store. You soak the egg in a bowl of water and, after a day or two, it begins cracking. Another day or so and a penguin begins to hatch out of it, growing ever bigger. Zoey and Eleanor were thoroughly thrilled by this and loved checking on the penguin each morning. Once it finally hatched, Zoey named the penguin Broccoli.

Unwrapping the egg
Unwrapping the egg




A few weeks before her birthday, Zoey got to ride a friend’s balance bike. While she didn’t do much more than gently, slowly inch around on it, Zoey was enthralled with watching her friend zoom away. She started frequently asking whether she could have “a bike without pedals.” We made ambiguous responses about “maybe someday” but I was already trying to come up with a way to get her one for her birthday. A brand new balance bike was out of our budget, so I searched around for a gently used one. I ended up finding one in like-new condition for only twenty bucks!

Covering their eyes while the "big surprise" present was brought out
Covering their eyes while the “big surprise” present was brought out

The best part? It was pink and sparkly.


Here’s Zoey’s response to seeing her bike:

And what would a fire fighter birthday party be without cupcakes with red frosting?



Allow me to expound for a moment upon those cupcakes. The cupcakes that will live in infamy. I promised Zoey she could have rainbow chip cupcakes with strawberry frosting on top – red strawberry frosting. So I bought a jar of pink strawberry frosting thinking I would add a bit of red food dye to make it red. Little did I know. I ended up having to add almost an entire bottle – a large bottle! – of red food dye to turn that pink frosting red. It dyed my hands red. I tossed and turned in anxiety all night thinking “I can’t serve those cupcakes to a bunch of toddlers and preschoolers! They’ll stain everything! Their parents will hate me!” In the morning, my hands still faintly red, Zach talked me into keeping the cupcakes. It turned out to be a randomly hot day in late September – nearly 90 degrees. So when it came time for cupcakes at the party I explained the situation to all the parents, we stripped the kids naked and let them eat cake, then we tossed them all in a kiddie pool to wash off the red dye. It worked great! The kids had a blast at the impromptu swim party and not one article of clothing was stained. I call that a successful fire fighter birthday party.

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