Zoey At 4 Years Old

My Zoey-girl you have officially achieved “big kid” status. You are a tricycle riding, sight-word reading, imagination-booming, “I can count to 30” full-fledged big kid. I am more proud of you than you can ever know.

I did it! I found the way out!
October 2013



This has been an incredible year of “firsts” for you. Your first movie in a theater (Frozen. Of course.) Your first dentist visit. Your first ever “first day of school.” First real camping trip. Your first Christmas with all the wonder and magic of the season within your understanding. You hand-fed penguins at the zoo and rode in an enormous Ferris wheel. You stopped taking naps. You flew a kite for the first time.

Why yes, my child IS part elf. Why do you ask?
First day of school, December 2013


January 2014



When I think about who you were on your third birthday and compare then to now, I am left speechless. You have grown – in every way – by leaps and bounds. Your car seat faces forward now, as you have maxed out the height for rear-facing, and you are quite proud of your ability to do the buckles yourself. In fact, you’re as tall as many five year old children. You can thank your Daddy for that.



April 2014
April 2014

Eating has become much easier for you (most of the time) although you still greatly dislike anything that sticks to your hands and gets them messy (cream cheese, frosting, crumbs). You still prefer to drink only milk or water (never juice) but have occasionally asked for mint tea with honey.

May 2014
May 2014
June 2014

Your infatuation with anything and everything pink is mind-boggling. We have actively tried to have an equal-opportunity color loving household, but you somehow latched onto the pinkness and are never letting go.

July 2014
July 2014

Your reading and math skills are incredible. You can count to thirty and do some simple addition and subtraction in your head (Two and two is four. If you take away three from four you have one.)  You can write out every letter of the alphabet and all the numbers (without looking at a reference). You like to sit and do your preschool and kindergarten workbooks, and no longer need me to read you most of the directions. You sight-read many words and phrases, some of them very surprising (like No Parking)!

August 2014
August 2014

Your greatest imaginative outlet seems to be through art. For months now you have been drawing people with all the details: eyes, ears, hair, body, arms, legs, hands and feet. Now you are starting to embellish, adding animals and abstract items to your work. You then love to tell me about what you have produced; long, narrative stories that make me choke back tears and put an enormous grin on my face as I marvel at your creativity.

September 2014
September 2014

Happy Birthday, my sweet, funny, kind, smart, beautiful, courageous four year old girl.

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