Imagine This…

Imagine this scenario:


When you ask “Why?”, he explains it to you this way:


I hit her because she was being rude.

I’m just teaching her respect. That’s my job.

She has to learn how to properly behave.

I hit her because I love her and I’m just trying to help her.

It’s her fault that she made me so angry. She knew the consequence of the choice she was making, but she did it anyway. So I hit her. Maybe this time she’ll remember.


Got all that? How are you feeling right now? Is your stomach in knots? Do you want to kill him? Hurt him like he hurts her? Teach him a lesson? Lock him up?


Oh, I forgot to tell you. “He” is her dad. “She” is a small child. And, yeah, hundreds of thousands of parents do this to their kids every day. It’s legal. It’s allowed. It’s even encouraged by some.


How do you feel now?


Now I’m the one sick to my stomach.


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