There’s nothing like being four months pregnant, exhausted, nauseous and uncomfortable and having two other children to chase after to damper one’s excitement about turning thirty-one. Or maybe it’s just that it’s thirty-one. Yesterday was my birthday and, luckily for me, I have family and friends who were insistent upon making it a wonderful birthday for me anyway. And they really did.

Friday morning I packed the kids into the van and headed down to Puyallup to do the Washington State Fair with my parents. It was hot and involved a lot of walking – at one point I got really dizzy and had to sit down and hydrate for awhile – but worth it. The kids had a blast and I did too.

On Saturday, my parents came up to Seattle. My dad headed to the Husky game and mom took me out shopping for maternity clothes. Since the girls were both born at the end of summer, most of my maternity wear consists of t-shirts and capri pants. With this baby due in February, I was due for a few warmer things to wear (although, the way the forecast looks, summer might never end and I will just have to go cry in a corner, hot, sweaty and miserable). I can’t tell you how great it feels to finally have pants that fit again and aren’t yoga pants or something that is constantly in need of hiking up to keep my bum covered. We finished our day with gyros and an amazing german chocolate cake that my husband made (he put melted dark chocolate candy bars in the batter. YUMMM!)

When my actual birthday rolled around on Sunday, all the walking and heat of the previous two days had finally caught up to me. I started off the day by puking up my breakfast and lying on the couch for awhile. Fortunately, the nausea didn’t stick around all day this time (yay Zofran!) and I was able to enjoy the rest of my birthday. The girls gave me some fun socks and Zach got me an enormous, gorgeous food processor I had been wanting for the past couple of years. (Now the weather REALLY needs to turn cooler so I can use it to cook up some yummy pureed soups!). In the afternoon, Zach and the girls headed to the park with Auntie Kelsie and I got a couple hours of blissful alone time to relax and do some sewing.

I would say it was a pretty fantastic birthday.

2 thoughts on “31

  1. Belated Happy birthday. Nothing like being pregnant to make you feel your age. Bet 32 will be a fab birthday with you newest edition well settled in.

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