Yearly Photo-op (Or Not)

Every year, I take the girls to a cheap department store portrait studio for pictures. Something to document how much they’ve changed each year. I figure I’ll continue this until they start school and get yearly photos done there. A week or so before Eleanor’s birthday, I scheduled her yearly pictures. As luck would have it, both the girls and I got horrendously sick starting the day before the pictures, so we had to cancel our appointment (nothing like pictures of a child with snot running down her face, amirite?)

We waited a couple weeks to reschedule, as I wanted to just go ahead and do pictures of both girls at the same time and Zoey seemed to have a continual mark of some kind on her face for the past couple months: road rash on her cheek, a bruise smack in the middle of her forehead, rug burn by her mouth…you get the picture. That kid has had an amazing array of bumps and bruises for a non-adventurous, non-risk-taker. Anyway, we rescheduled the pictures for today. Eleanor woke up, got me up, we had breakfast, we played with Duplos, I emptied the dishwasher….and Zoey was….still sleeping? Hmm. Suspicious. About an hour and a half before our picture time I finally went in search of sleeping beauty. Not in her bed. Not in the bathroom. Hmm. Even more suspicious. I finally found her in our bed, passed out cold. I gently woke her and found an overly sensitive, still obviously tired kiddo. After I finally got her upstairs and to the bathroom, I coaxed her out of her pull-up and onto the potty. As she sat there talking to me, mid-sentence the vomit finally came. Yes, suspicions confirmed.

Zoey has continued to vomit profusely all morning (despite a decidedly empty stomach) and the girls are now curled up on the couch watching Frozen for the eighty-millionth time. At least I get a chance to blog? Haven’t had many of those opportunities lately. So, in the spirit of things, here are some of last year’s studio pictures of the girls (the only year I have scanned in and ready to share). Enjoy!

Eleanor age 1 toes Eleanor age 1 smile Eleanor age 1 number Eleanor age 1 giraffe look down Eleanor age 1 giraffe hug

Eleanor age 1 Flowers smile

Zoey age 3 letter Z


Zoey age 3 I


Zoey age 3 AM


Zoey age 3 number


Zoey age 3 flowers

5 thoughts on “Yearly Photo-op (Or Not)

  1. …the movie Frozen…8O millionth time…aw, lol…that cracked me up! For cheap department store studio portraits these are crazy adorable!!!

  2. Love this photo, and your tradition! I made all my kids stand in front of the same bush each year on the first day of school. They had to hold up fingers to correspond to the grade they were in. K (represented by No fingers)- 8. Freshman year of High School AND College, starts again with a 1,2,3…. They used to hate it, now they’re doing the same with their own kids šŸ™‚

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