Diaper Genie

About a month ago, Eleanor started removing her diaper. The diaper that she only wears for naps and at night. It started with her taking it off first thing in the morning and then promptly peeing all over in her crib. We gently admonished her and assumed it was “a phase” that would soon pass.

Not long after, however, Eleanor decided to escalate the behavior. Previously, when we put her down at night in her crib, Eleanor would fall asleep pretty much immediately. Now, she started playing and singing when we left the room. When we would finally go to check on her, we’d find her passed out, completely naked, in a pee-soaked bed. We would then have to wake her up and one of us would wash and change Eleanor while the other stripped the bed and put on clean sheets.

In the morning, I would awake to hearing Eleanor say, “Poop!” I would then come out to find her standing in her crib, naked from the waist down, again in a bed soaked with pee. This time there would be the addition of a nice pile of poop in the crib as well. (Perhaps I should be grateful she didn’t decide to finger paint with it?)

Needless to say, this was getting highly frustrating. We tried being really calm about it, hoping she move on. When she instead escalated, we tried getting really mad. We told her over and over again the only mommy and daddy get to take off the diaper. We tried a strip of tape over the diaper tabs to stop her from getting it off (she simply slipped it off like underwear instead).

I actually considered putting snaps at the waistline of all Eleanor’s pajama tops and bottoms to hold them together so that she couldn’t get them off. In one last, desperate attempt before doing so, I broke into the storage box of all the cloth diaper supplies and retrieved a few of the snap closure diaper covers. We put one on over her disposable nighttime diaper and, voila! Not a single diaper removed since.

Let’s have three cheers for cloth diapering saving the day once again!

4 thoughts on “Diaper Genie

  1. Oh man I would’ve freaked out if my kids pooped all over the crib lol. Good thinking with the covers. Maybe that’s also why onesies were invented! So far so good with my kiddos.

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