Announcing Your Pregnancy

There’s no single “right way” to announce a pregnancy. There are a few ways, however, that can be agreed upon as “wrong.”


When I first told my parents I was pregnant with Zoey, I went for the “bite the bullet” approach. It looked like this:

-Show up unannounced at parents’ house

-Inform them you need to “talk to them about something” and watch their blood pressure begin rising

-Blurt out “So…I’m pregnant” (the key here is to be unmarried and to have kind of forgotten to update your parents on your relationship status for the past year or three so they have assumed you are just casually dating.)

-Watch dad’s head nearly explode and mom’s eyes get so big Precious Moments dolls couldn’t compete


So that experience was…memorable. The second time around I decided we all needed a do-over and to have more fun with it. We invited my parents up for dinner. When they arrived, I told them they should go peek in the oven to see what we’ve got cooking. Inside they found a hamburger bun and a note reading “August 2012.” Dad put it together pretty quickly. Mom, however, took a bit longer. “Get it mom? There’s a bun? In the oven…?” When she did finally put the pieces together she was pretty darn ecstatic. Definitely a fun memory.

When we told Zach’s family about being pregnant with Eleanor we did it during a game of charades. Instead of acting out his given word or phrase, Zach acted out “My wife is pregnant.” It took a second for everyone to realize he wasn’t just playing the game, and when they did it was pretty awesome.


I had to rack my brain a bit for a fun way to tell my parents this time, but I came up with something I think is pretty good. As you all know, I’ve been working on my (still very rudimentary) photography skills this past year. So I took the kids and myself down to my parents’ house for the day and brought along the camera (Zach came to join us later). I told my parents that I needed them to help me practice some camera skills by acting as my models. I sat them both down, pretending to fiddle with some settings, and say “Say Cheese!” Then, “Say Bananas!” “Say Flowers!” “Say February!” (My mom look confused at this point, trying to figure out “why February?” That is their anniversary month and I think she was worried I would use these pictures in some way for that.) Finally, “Say….New Baby!!!” Then I held down the shutter button and snapped a bunch of pictures in a row as the words registered and it showed on their faces. I have to say, the picture of my mom’s face, with her eyes and mouth wide and happy, is positively priceless. Sadly, I promised her before taking the pictures that “these won’t go on Facebook or anything” so I can’t actually share the picture with you.  (But it is awesome, trust me!)


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