Life’s A Day at the Beach

The forecast for Sunday was gorgeous. Zach needed to do some work – preferably uninterrupted – at home, so I loaded the kids into the van and headed off to the beach. The “beach” here, of course, is actually the rocky Puget Sound, accessed via Carkeek Park. It was an absolutely perfect day to be there. Temps in the mid-60’s, barely a wisp of clouds in the sky, crystal clear view of the snow-capped Olympic Mountains across the Sound…I was definitely in my happy place. So were the kids, I think.

Olympic Mountain Range, Puget Sound and happy sailboats
Olympic Mountain Range, Puget Sound and happy sailboats

We decided to head straight for the waterfront as soon as we got there. We brought along the girls’ rain boots, shovels and sand pails for collecting “treasures” on the beach. Right off the bat, Zoey found a bunch of driftwood that someone had piled up in a fort-like way.



On a mission
On a mission


Zoey wasn’t the least bit intimidated by the “ocean” and marched right out into it. Eleanor, never one to miss an opportunity to be just like big sister, quickly followed suit.





While Zoey was entranced by the waves and all the treasures hiding beneath them, I think Eleanor could have spent all day just digging in the rocks and sand.





When we finally headed back up toward the playground and grassy fields, we found that “The Bubble Man” was all set up and ready to entertain the masses of children swarming about him.

Bubble Man

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