Frozen Magic

On Saturday, Zach and I took Zoey to see her first ever movie in a movie theater: Frozen. I started talking to her about the idea on Friday, beginning with explaining what movie theaters are like. I told her that they are darker and louder than watching movies at home, tried to demonstrate how big the screen is, explained that it can often feel a bit cold in the theater. Zoey was listening to me tell her this with an expression on her face like, “And the point is???” Then I asked her, “What if Mommy and Daddy took you to see a movie in a theater? Maybe….Frozen?” (We had been listening to the songs on Pandora for weeks). Zoey’s eyes got about three sizes wider and she exclaimed, “I like dark sometimes! I like loud sometimes!” Oh my brave girl.

So midday on Saturday we trecked out to the theater, just Zoey, Zach and me. Zoey was so excited (ok I was too). She watched as we bought the tickets “through the little hole!” and then got to hold onto her own ticket stub. We brought along a soft booster seat from home, as I knew she wouldn’t be tall enough to see without one and the theater boosters are usually a hard, uncomfortable plastic. Midway through the previews Zoey told us, “There are too many commercials!” (with which I had to agree).

When the movie finally started, Zoey was captivated. Honestly, so was I. It was the first Disney movie in a loooooong time to really look and sound and feel like a Disney movie. It was pure magic, folks, and the soundtrack is just phenomenal.

When we got home, Zoey could barely keep it together. While she really enjoyed the movie, I think her poor little senses had been pushed to the max. So loud, so dark, so big, so new. So much to process. Not to mention trying to follow and make sense of a sophisticated plot line. I tucked her into bed and she zonked out for a late nap.

But, the magic didn’t end there! After dinner, when it was already dark out (thank you, winter in the Pacific Northwest, for a whopping 6.5 hours of daylight each day) I went to toss some food scraps in the compost and saw…snow! Coming down fast! And covering the ground! We tucked Eleanor into bed and then bundled Zoey up and took her outside to explore the falling snow. Let me tell you, there are few things more magical and awesome in this world than a 3.5 year old – who has just watched a movie about a princess who can make it snow – going outside to play in freshly falling snow in a city that never gets snowed on.


Catching flakes on her tongue
Catching flakes on her tongue
First ever snow angel
First ever snow angel
Zach enjoyed the snow too
Zach enjoyed the snow too
Magical snow flakes!
Magical snow flakes!

4 thoughts on “Frozen Magic

  1. What a wonderful story! So happy for her. Tell me though, I didn’t see the movie but my sister took her kids. She was really bothered by the provacative drawing of the main character. I haven’t even seen pictures, to be honest. Would you agree with my sister’s assessment?

    1. I would actually disagree, but I can see where she is coming from. Yes, Queen Elsa does make herself a dress (with magic) that has a large slit up the side and is a bit low-cut in front. However, it is never focused on and never shown in a provocative way. I actually saw it as very symbolic: she designs it at the moment when she is finally letting go of all the fear and isolation she has lived in her whole life and coming into her own. It is a very moving and empowering moment when she chooses to embrace everything about herself for the first time (even the “dangerous” magic) and she changes out of her “this is what a Queen wears because it is what is expected of me” dress into a dress made of ice and magic that is daring and free and the complete opposite of what she had before. So, no, I definitely wouldn’t deem it sexual in any way. I was, however, somewhat annoyed with how skinny both of the main characters are though. But, eh, Disney can only progress so quickly, right?

  2. Zoey’s overstimulation reminded me of a “date” I had with my 6 year old niece. She was such a girlie girl and loved painting her toes; I made she and I a date to get pedicures. Half way through she melted down; overstimulated and we left to go have a soda. We came back 2 hours later to get her toes done, but she said “just paint the toes. Please don’t rub my feets.” (she had the most adorable lisp so it sounded like “pleathe don’t rub my feeth.” I was afraid I had ruined pedis for her forever, but she’s now 21 and loves them. LOL.

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