The Seattle Great Wheel

I love playing the tourist in our own city. There are so many amazing things to see and do in Seattle, and if you live here your whole life you can find that you overlook them. Which is why we spent a recent Saturday being hometown tourists. My parents joined us and we had a plan to go up in the Space Needle (something Zoey has wanted to do for a loooong time) and ride the new Seattle Great Wheel (a giant Ferris wheel over the Puget Sound).


The Space Needle didn’t end up happening. We stood in line for a ridiculous amount of time to buy tickets, only to find out that the next scheduled time we could go up wouldn’t be until 6:30pm – three hours from the current time and right when we wanted to be eating dinner. Also, it would be dark by then and we wouldn’t see much. Zoey was super disappointed – to the point of actually crying – but perked up when we promised we would come back and do it soon and would now go do the Ferris wheel instead.


So off we trotted to the waterfront. I have to say, I was actually pretty impressed. I didn’t expect the Great Wheel to really be all the different from other Ferris wheels or other views I’ve had of the city. However, it really was pretty dang awesome. The wheel turned nice and slow, and you get to go around at least three full times (we got four cycles because we were the last ones on and then the last ones off). The gondola is nice and warm inside too, which was great. We rode right at sunset and it was just gorgeous. The ferry boats on the Sound, Mt. Rainier in the distance, skyscrapers lit up with 12th Man pride. The smell of the salt water. So much to love about this city!


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