Therapy or Torture?

Zoey’s weekly occupational therapy has been going really well. For the most part she is great at all the motor planning parts they do and has very few struggles there. When we get to the desensitizing around food, though, well, that’s where her biggest challenges lie. The therapist has me bring in a mix of “preferred” and “non-preferred” foods for Zoey at each appointment. That’s always a bit of a challenge for me: finding several things each time that are quick and easy to take along and that won’t need heating up or any kind of preparation when we get there. Then the therapist talks about the qualities of the food a lot and tries to find fun ways to make Zoey interact with the food. She doesn’t have to eat it, but at least getting her to touch, smell, lick, taste, etc. is the goal. This usually involves making quite a mess. And we are supposed to do the same at home.

It drives Zach crazy. We both love that Zoey has always been so neat and tidy with her food, and it’s frustrating beyond belief to us OCD types when Eleanor paints her hair with peanut butter and mashes her mac and cheese between her hands before throwing it on the floor. So intentionally trying to get Zoey to stick her hands in her food, smear it on her face and finger paint with it, well, let’s just say I see a lot more gray hairs on Zach’s head these days. It doesn’t help that Eleanor watches and wants to copy all this fun food play.

For my part I’ve just accepted that my kids are going to start requiring a bath every night and my floor will never, ever be clean. I’ve found my peace with it. Mostly. Zach will too. Maybe.

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