Eleanor’s First Snow

I mentioned before that we went to Idaho a couple days after Christmas to meet up with Zach’s family. They had rented cabins in McCall so we could all have some wintery fun playing in the snow. I think I also may have mentioned the distinct lack of snow. We were in Idaho from December 27th until New Year’s Day and I don’t think I saw a single flake fall. There was some snow on the ground that had fallen in the weeks preceding our visit – about a foot or so of it – and the temperature had remained below freezing (way, way below freezing) ever since so it never melted off. So that icy, packed “snow” was what we had to work with.

It was also the first time Eleanor ever got to see or play in snow.


We took the kiddos to a small park next to a lake where there was a perfect sledding slope. Eleanor was bundled up to the point she could hardly move or see anything (anyone seen A Christmas Story?) and she seemed a bit unsure when we set her down on a sled between my legs. All it took was one ride to the bottom though, and my little daredevil has hooked. The sled hadn’t even come to a full and complete stop before Eleanor was signing and saying, “More! More! More!”

Zoey had a lot of fun sledding with her cousins, too, although her stamina for it was decidedly less than Eleanor’s. Overall, despite the lack of fresh powder, I’d call it a successful snow experience.


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