Finalists! Help Us Win!

Hey friends!! (Said in that overly-cheerful voice that universally says, “I’m about to ask you for a favor”)

So remember this post about the Wildlights exhibit at the zoo? See that sweet picture of Zoey sitting on Zach’s shoulders (wearing the adorable monster hat that she already lost)?

The view is great up here!
The view is great up here!

Welp, that picture is one of five finalists in a contest by the zoo! If we win, we get a “Real Close” tour (um, bears, please don’t eat us) and a penguin feeding experience. Basically, Zoey’s zoo-lovin’ mind blown. (Ok, and mine too).

Here’s where YOU come in! Head on over to the Woodland Park Zoo’s facebook page and just “like” the picture of Zach and Zoey. That’s it. No commitment, and it literally takes ten seconds. Whichever picture gets the most “likes” by Thursday morning will win. So far we are in the lead, and if we win I promise a fabulous blog post all about it, complete with lots of pictures.

Fingers crossed!

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