Random Acts of Kindness

Good morning blogosphere!

How about some happy thoughts to kick off your week? Have you ever been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness? Or perhaps you were the one orchestrating the kindness?

Twice now I have been blessed by a kind, anonymous person. Two days after Christmas we were making the eight hour drive from Seattle to McCall, Idaho to meet up with Zach’s family (Note: when you have two small children with you, it’s really more like ten to twelve hours. In case you had any illusions about it actually only being eight hours. Fools.)

We stopped at a roadside diner that used to be called Judy’s and is now something else that I can’t remember. Nothing nearly as good or memorable as “Judy’s.” Anyway, we ate our burgers, sad to hear that they had run out of ice cream for milkshakes, and let our children run free range for a bit among the mostly empty booths. A gentleman my parents’ age asked if he could buy the girls a balloon but I politely declined due to our already overloaded van. When the time came to pay, the waitress informed us that our lunch had already been paid for by some anonymous benefactor. I nearly cried, it was such a sweet thing to do. And because it reminded me of the one other time someone did the same for me.

Amazing what a simple, tiny kindness can mean to another person, isn’t it? Do you have a story to share about a random act of kindness? Share it below in the comments – I’d love to read it!

3 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. We do a Christmas list every year even though everybody hates it at this point. Last year, instead of gifts, I told my aunt in CT to just give a little money to some charity or something. Anyway, she decided to randomly pick a layaway customer at her local Walmart that she and the clerk were sure had little kids and paid for the whole thing. I poked fun of it in a blog post, but I would have liked to have seen the person’s face. It’s always so cool when people do such things.

  2. So funny that you should write this post! I was planning to write one very similar! Consequently, I will save my stories for that. But thanks for sharing this great story! Love when things like this happy. BTW, we took an 8-hour drive that was far more than 8 hours too! 🙂

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