Eleanor at 16 Months

Sixteen months. Holy cow, has time really flown by that fast? It only takes a second of watching you to see, yup, you really are a full-fledged toddler now.

You climb everything. You can get up on the kitchen chairs by yourself now, and from them onto the table. You have also discovered that you can push a little chair over next to any larger thing you want to climb up on and use it as a step-stool. No, you have not developed any self-preservation instincts to go along with these climbing skills.

You could charm money out of a used car salesperson if you wanted to. Your outgoing, friendly disposition is so infectious it just makes everyone smile. And I do mean everyone. Riding in the stroller through the zoo, in the shopping cart at the grocery store or in the Ergo on my back, you greet every single person with an enormous smile and sweet, “Hi!” I have yet to see a single person be able to resist stopping and greeting you in return. Many say that you just made their entire day (especially the grandmas).


You are amazingly talented with a fork and spoon. You prefer to feed yourself and do a pretty darn good job at it. Messy, but I’d say a good  eighty percent of any given meal makes it into your mouth. Water bottles, or “Ba!” as you call them, are your prized possessions. You crave them. You hoard them. You hug them to you and run away lest anyone even dream of taking one away from you. And if it happens to be Zoey’s or Mommy’s water bottle? Well, then, whatever liquid is inside tastes all the sweeter.


I’m afraid to write it here lest I tempt fate and be my own undoing, but you are a great sleeper. You’ve transitioned really nicely to one nap per day, and usually sleep for about two hours. Putting you to bed for nap and at night is a breeze. You give us a sweet, “Nigh-nigh!” and a quick cuddle and off to dreamland you ago, happy as a clam in your crib.

The love of your life is a small afghan you were given as a newborn. You have named it “De” (day?) which also happens to be the word you use for “dance.” I think that is one of the most adorable and precious things ever. Because you so love to dance. As you love music.

In fact, music is my biggest tool in the battle to get you up each morning. You wake up on your own, but you are NOT a morning person. You fuss and cry and shout “NO!!” about EVERYTHING. Seriously. You wake up almost every morning with the worst case of the hangries I have ever seen. It’s delightful, I assure you. Once you have finally agreed to eat something (usually while being carried in my arms, which is problematic when I’m also trying to get your sister up and feed myself), you become your usual sweet, charming self.


You have a hero-worship for Zoey that is so incredibly sweet and amazing to see. No matter how many times she shoves or tackles you, you still want to be right by her side. Doing exactly whatever she is doing. Even if you can’t. Your determination knows no boundaries.

Eleanor, you make every day of my life happier, sillier, messier and all-around better. I am so glad you are you. And I am so glad you are mine.


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