Preschool and Therapy

I have a preschooler! Zoey started her first day of preschool last Tuesday.  I can’t even begin to express how happy/proud/trying not to cry/emotional I am. Zoey is loving it, of course.

Why yes, my child IS part elf. Why do you ask?
Why yes, my child IS part elf. Why do you ask?
She picked out her own backpack. I'm loving her choice.
She picked out her own backpack. I’m loving her choice.

Zoey also started her weekly occupational therapy sessions. Her therapist is really great and very skilled at recognizing the subtle way in which Zoey withdraws and tries to tell us that she needs a break from all the input coming her way. Zoey showed the most signs of struggling when we got to the second half of the session and it was time to focus on food and eating and playing with it. I had brought a NutriGrain cereal bar, one of those tiny oranges and some baby carrots with hummus.   Her therapist had asked me to bring both preferred and non-preferred foods. Despite the fact that Zoey loves all those things except the hummus, she really balked at many of the things the therapist wanted her to do; touching the jam inside the cereal bar, finger painting with the hummus, smelling and sucking the juice out of the orange. It was really clear that all the senses involved around food are overwhelming and difficult to navigate for my little girl. Still, Zoey did eventually try a lot of the different things her therapist encouraged her to do, and even seemed to enjoy them a bit once she did (although later she told me she didn’t like doing those things because it “was messy and that’s not good.”) I have hope that we’re going to make a lot of progress with continued therapy.

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