The Light At the End of the Naptime Whack-A-Mole Tunnel

Hallelujah! I can see the light! Eleanor has finally made the switch to one nap per day (much more successfully than Zoey ever did, I might add).

Previously, my day looked like this:

7am: Eleanor awake

8:30 am: Zoey awake

9am: Eleanor asleep

10:30 am: Eleanor awake

Noon: Zoey asleep

1:30pm Zoey awake

2pm: Eleanor asleep

3:30pm: Eleanor awake

5pm: Mommy drinking lots of wine.

In other words, I could never leave the house. I was in permanent nap-jail. Those small windows of time with both children awake were usually taken up by things like “feeding the children lunch.” Meaning I quite literally could never leave. While I realize that many people would choose to just have their munchkin nap in the car or a stroller or baby carrier, I have been blessed with two children who WILL NOT SLEEP if they can see or hear (possibly even smell) another human being. Ever. It’s awesome.

Needless to say, I am super excited about this switch. I now put Eleanor down for her one nap in the middle of the day and simultaneously put Zoey down for a nap or sequester her in her sensory deprivation chamber room for mandatory “quiet time” (also known as “Mommy’s time to eat lunch and play Candy Crush”). It is beautiful. We actually have enough time in the mornings to spend a couple hours at the zoo or go grocery shopping or have a playdate. Anything that gets us out of the house for awhile.

So, I say again (with much enthusiasm), “YAY!”

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