Being a Mama With a Camera

I got my Christmas present early this year. For years now, I’ve been dying to attend a local workshop called “Mamas With Cameras.” It’s taught by two local moms and the class is designed to teach moms how to use the settings (other than automatic) on their digital SLR cameras to take good quality photographs of their quickly moving, growing and changing children. I told Zach that this class was what I wanted for Christmas this year and we agreed I should attend before the holidays in order to be able to take better pictures during all the family get-togethers and events.

I have to say, the class was worth every darn penny. In under four hours I learned a mind-blowing amount of things I could do with Zach’s camera (which I think I will henceforth refer to as my camera since I know how to do more with it now than he does. Neener neener.) Funnily, we all introduced ourselves and our reasons for taking the class and I think every single woman there said that she wanted to learn how to use “something besides the automatic setting” on “my husband’s camera.” Me? I honestly didn’t even know which setting was the automatic setting. True story.

But now – with the help of an expensive new lens that was also a part of my Christmas present – I can do this:

IMG_1236 IMG_1298While I realize that these are not award-winning photographs, they are certainly many times better than what I was previously taking. That first picture of Zoey is an example of my favorite trick that I learned: how to not have your subject all dark and shadowy when there is light behind them and they are in a dimmer place. Win! Back-lighting has always been a huge problem for me when taking pictures.

So hopefully I’ll be producing a lot more higher-quality pictures for this here blog (and posterity and all that) from now on out. I have motivation: the more I practice, the better I’ll get. Right???

5 thoughts on “Being a Mama With a Camera

    1. Hi Amy! We have an older Canon digital rebel XT. This class was so great! There are two instructors, one for Canon moms and one for Nikon moms (and any Sony moms that show up they kinda help along the best they can). I highly recommend doing this. After you take the class, they have monthly meet-ups you can join in to practice taking photos. This month we’re going on a holiday lights walk and attempting those nearly impossible Christmas light pictures 🙂

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