Housemaid’s Knee

Back in August, I was at a PEPS playdate with the girls when I hurt my left knee. I remember that was when I did it, but I don’t actually remember how I did it. Probably banged it on something. I’m ridiculously accident prone and tend to not notice much when I do that kind of thing.

Well, ever since then, that knee has been hurting. Not constantly; just when I’m on my knees on the floor and putting weight directly on the knee cap. So, you know, a significant percentage of the day considering I’m a mostly-at-home-mom with two toddlers. And I do yoga. It’s not just a little pain either. It’s a burning, tearing pain right behind and to the side of the kneecap. Last week it actually started to hurt at other times as well, such as going up the stairs. That was when I finally decided it was time to see a doc.

The good news: nothing is torn and there is nothing surgical.

The bad news: it may be permanent.

Apparently I have bursitis, or what is often called “housemaid’s knee.” The sac of fluid in the knee joint is inflamed and irritated, and that’s why it hurts. Happens a lot to people who spend a lot of time on their knees (i.e. housemaids who scrub floors and moms with small kids. My floors are a testament to the fact that I am the latter, rather than the former). The fact that I have been very gentle on my knee since hurting it back in August and the inflammation still hasn’t subsided means there’s a good chance I might always have this.

So I guess that gets me off the hook for ever scrubbing the floor or weeding the garden, huh?

2 thoughts on “Housemaid’s Knee

  1. I had no idea this is what it was called… but I had this when I was pregnant with Colette from kneeling next to the bath with Spencer and constantly kneeling on the wood floor to pick up the food he threw everywhere. It did go away… but it took some time. Baby those knees!!!!

    1. Haha, I think “Babying” them is what is killing them! Lol Glad to hear yours got better. I’m still holding out hope mine might too…with enough time and ibuprofen đŸ˜‰

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