Now For The Story

Howdy folks. Sorry about the lame Halloween post yesterday. How was your Halloween? Do  you celebrate it where you are?

Zoey was super-excited about Halloween this year. It was the first year she really could understand that it was coming and would involve costumes and candy. She decided early on to be a cowgirl and I began racking my brain for how to make a good costume. Something better than just a plaid shirt and jeans which she wears regularly anyway. Boma gave her some sweet cowgirl boots for her birthday so that definitely helped. I had been cringing at the thought of shelling out big bucks for toddler boots just for a costume. Then my mom surprised me with the red leather fringed vest and skirt. You guys, I wore that same costume for Halloween when I was two:

Halloween 1985
Halloween 1985
Cowgirl Zoey

Zoey was a champion trick-or-treater. There was one house on our block that went all out: fake smoke, strobe light, spooky screams and sound effects, gory decorations galore… I started warning Zoey about the house as we approached it. I pointed out the flashing light, emphasized that everything was just pretend, and told her that if she didn’t want to go to this house we could always turn around. That kiddo didn’t hesitate a second. She marched right up and knocked and was rewarded with a full-size candy bar. As we walked away she said, “I like the spooky house! Let’s find another one!” I was so incredibly proud. Apparently given enough candy-incentive, just about any sensory issues can be overcome.

Eleanor went as Ellie Funt (get it? Heh heh. I crack myself up). It was the same costume Zoey wore at one year old.

Zoey Elephant, 2011
Zoey Elephant, 2011
Ellie Funt and Cowgirl Zoey
Ellie Funt and Cowgirl Zoey

That child. Oh man, that child. It took about two houses before she made the connection: go up to the door and I get candy? Heck yeah! She had a death grip on her candy bag and you couldn’t pry it out of her hands for anything. She waited patiently for every door to open, carefully selected a prize from each bowl and then – oh so carefully – deposited her loot into her bag. Then she charmed the pants off of everyone with a sign language/baby babble “Thank You!” and giant smile.

When we got home we let Eleanor have a Tootsie Pop which she promptly smeared all over her face, hands, hair and costume. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier baby. After we put the kids to bed, I poured myself a big glass of wine and set about literally stealing candy from babies. It was delicious.

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