We’re Being Invaded!

No, the British are not coming. It is not a national emergency. It is our house that is being invaded. There are the usual suspects that come to mind when you hear of a house being invaded: spiders, termites, mice. But no. This is far grosser. I’ll give you a hint: I spent a morning sprinkling circles and lines of salt throughout the basement and muttering curses under my breath.

No, the invaders are not, in fact witches or vampires (although, really, you can’t be too careful this time of year). It’s slugs. Slugs. In our house.

We first woke to a lovely, shimmery trail of slime across our basement room carpet a week or so ago. You know, in the room the baby sleeps in.  We followed the trail but couldn’t find the culprit. I chalked it up as a one off, disgusting event, assuming someone had slithered in while I did laundry with the door open (There is an unfinished basement room we refer to as “the Cellar” attached to our finished basement. The Cellar also has a door that leads outside.) However, a day or too later we were greeted with more slime. By this time I was completely disgusted and imagining the nasty creatures sliming over my baby’s face in her sleep. Or mine. Dry heaves. Again, we followed the shiny, slimy trail but couldn’t find the nasty buggers. Then, the next night when we came down to go to bed…slug! SLUG! IN OUR HOUSE! Like the brave, intelligent, rational woman that I am, I stifled my squeal so I wouldn’t wake the baby, ran to Zach and insisted that he be the one to actually dispose of the slug. I did, however, offer to sprinkle salt on it first so it could suffer for it’s crimes before dying. Zach politely declined. After a short debate we agreed that flushing a slug would really be no different to our pipes than the usual, ahem, matter, being flushed. So down he went.

The next morning I grabbed the salt and guarded the door into our finished basement with a thick line. I then set up a secondary perimeter inside the door that leads to the backyard. Enter at your own risk, slugs. You have been warned.

2 thoughts on “We’re Being Invaded!

  1. Yeuk. We got a new pup a couple of months and yes you guessed it she is crazy about eating slugs. It is so gross. When we catch her she is so tiny and this huge slug sticks out of her mouth. Thankfully she is almost over her obsession but the vision lives on in my minds eye! Maybe she could go visit you?

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