The Weekend We Bought a Rocketship

It has finally happened. My downward spiral into suburban soccermom-hood has crashed into rock bottom. Behold:

Minivan Rocketship

We bought a minivan! You guys, I am so stinking excited I can barely find the words to tell you. No, that is not sarcasm. I am being 100% honest here. I’ve wanted a minivan pretty much since I found out we were expecting Zoey. I refer to it as my rocketship. This thing has so many great features. My absolute, hands-down, would-buy-it-just-for-that, favorite feature though: the button I push on the keychain to make the sliding doors open. AMAZEBALLS.

While I refer to the van as The Rocketship, Zoey has named it Mickey. When we first went shopping around to take a look at minivans we took the kids with us (stupid rookies!). I explained to Zoey that we were looking for minivans. Apparently, she heard “Minnie Vans.” As in the mouse. In her mind, we bought a Minnie Van. However, she has deemed that our van is, in fact, male and thus a Mickey Van.

Hello Mickey, welcome to the family. I promise to love you for a very, very long time. However, it is lucky you are a color that hides mud well because I cannot promise that I will bathe you very often. Just know that you are loved. Truly.

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