Hey! I Had a Birthday!

Waaay back, over a month ago. I agonized on about it forever (and inflicted said agonizing upon all you poor readers), promised a post about the big day, and then never followed through. I know you all have been just hanging on by a thread, biting your nails in eager anticipation of details of my big 3-0 birthday. So here it is:

I had a very nice day.

Honestly, that about sums it up. No huge party or anything. We took the girls to the Washington Park Arboretum (which happens to be where Zach proposed to me) and hiked through the woods and saw ducks. Then we had dinner with my parents at the Old Spaghetti Factory (guilty pleasure, don’t judge). Zach got me the most amazing and delicious German chocolate cake on the face of the Earth. Then my loving, kind parents babysat the sleeping kiddos so Zach and I could go out for drinks with some of my friends.

It really was a very lovely day and I enjoyed it immensely. Here, have some cute photos.


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