Momsasaurus Got A Blogiversary Facelift!

Hello readers!

WOW! This past week marked one solid year of blogging here at Momsasaurus! I almost missed it entirely, as it fell right smack in the middle of my first week back at work.

Let’s just do a quick recap of the past year, shall we?

New baby.

Lots-o-drama and worry about new baby’s lack of poop.

Holidays (yay!)

Unexpectedly quitting job and becoming a stay at home mom

A whole lot of posts about being a mom

Posts about Ulnar Dysplasia.

Some very therapeutic (for me) posts about traumatic c-sections, PTSD, and VBACs

The dawning realization that Zoey’s sensory “quirks” really are kind of a “thing that needs addressing.”

Going back to work!

Well, I think that’s pretty respectable for a first year, don’t you?

I want to take a moment here to say a deep and profound, Thank You. To all of you. Those who read this blog faithfully (honestly, I’m still amazed that anyone besides my parents do this) and to all of you who just stop by on occasion. You have been my outlet, my therapy, my connection to a larger community. You have offered support and advice, friendship across thousands of miles. One of the most profound things to come out of this blog is how many other parents I have had the privilege to come to know who have children with Ulnar Dysplasia. We are building a community, here at Momsasaurus, and that is something greater than I ever imagined. So thank you, thank you, thank you. So many times over.

Now, to celebrate this milestone, I have updated the look of Momsasaurus. What do you think? I kind of like it, but I want to know from you. Is it better? Did you prefer the old layout? Do you see those three lines in the upper left corner? Click on them. Like that? I’m not sure if I do. While I like the less cluttered look, I’m wondering how many people will be asking “where’s the follow button? Where’s the facebook button?” What do you think – is it intuitive? Would you have found that if I didn’t tell you where it was? I’d love your feedback!

Here’s to another great year of blogging!

8 thoughts on “Momsasaurus Got A Blogiversary Facelift!

  1. Congratulations! The facelift is great, love the cherry blossoms, but thanks for telling us about the 3 lines in the left corner, I would have not guessed what it is for….You are a Great Momma! How was the first week back at work?

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