Last Day At Home

It’s my last day as a stay at home mom. This post will be brief, because I’m trying to enjoy every minute I can with my kiddos. I’m little worried they’re going to love our new nanny so much that they’ll be like, “What, mom you were gone? Huh. Didn’t miss you.” Yeah, she’s that awesome. And yes, of course I want them to have a lot of fun and be happy while I’m gone. But it would be nice if they missed me just a little. Because I’m going to miss them like crazy.

Alternate title to this post: How Many Sentences Can Shenoah Start With A Conjunction?

Anyway, I am super excited to be going back to work tomorrow, even though I technically am not starting “work” until Thursday. Tomorrow and Wednesday are a certification class. But still. Using mah braaaaaiiinns.

Today we’ve read lots of stories, shared lots of snuggles, colored with crayons, took a walk, played in the beautiful fall leaves, and just thoroughly enjoyed each others’ company. It’s been grand.

I feel really and truly blessed to have been able to spend the past year at home with my girls. It’s not what I had originally planned, but I have honestly loved it. To stay home is a luxury not many moms can afford and I will forever be grateful I had this opportunity. And now I’m grateful and excited about this phenomenal work opportunity that will basically grant me the feeling of still being mostly a stay at home mom but with some time away and interacting in an adult, brain cell utilizing, contributing society member type setting. Plus extra income. Score!

Wish me luck!

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