Back To Work In T-6 Days

So awhile back there I mentioned that I was looking into going back to work. I had an interview at one hospital but I wasn’t going to be able to fulfill their requirements for me to work there. Then, lo and behold, an awesome opportunity arose at my previous place of employment. Not the same unit, but the same hospital. With familiar faces. It is a “per diem” position, which means that I don’t have a set schedule or number of hours to meet each week. I just sign up for any open shifts that I feel like I want to work. I’ll get to do mostly afternoon to evening work which is awesome because it doesn’t require me to wake up at five o’dark in the morning. Zach will have to do bedtime with the girls solo those nights, but he’s tough. He can handle it.

I’m truly excited about this. Going back into the hospital for my interview and to pick up paperwork just felt so good. When we first started talking about this I wasn’t sure I was ready. I was nervous. I kept thinking about what it would be like to leave the girls all day. About the logistics of it all. Now, though, I can honestly say I’m really looking forward to it. It doesn’t hurt that the new nanny has promised to send me lots of pictures throughout the day. Or that I’ll only be working eight hour shifts (instead of the twelve hour shifts I’ve been used to in the past).

So yeah, bust open a bottle of wine and have a glass for me. Because I’m about to be a working woman again! No longer a stay-at-home-mom…at least two days a week.

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