When Your Plate Is So Full You’re No Longer Sure There Even IS A Plate

Once again, shameful neglect of this here blog. Worse than that, shameful neglect of all the brilliant posts by the amazing bloggers I follow. I’ve just been so inundated with, well, life. Following Zoey’s evaluation at the Autism Center, I’ve been researching our preschool options like crazy. The thing is, we’re broke. Not food stamps poor (thank God because apparently there’s now a lot less of that to go around), but with me out of work for the past year, the budget has been very tight. However, the amazing Amber who blogs over at Normal Is The New Boring gave me a heads up that we may be eligible for free preschool through the public school district because of Zoey’s needs. So I spent two days making a gajillion phone calls and leaving half a gajillion messages until someone finally called me back and offered to mail me a referral packet. Which I then waited five days for and spent another half day filling out and mailing back. On top of the half day Zach and I spent filling out a sensory issues survey about Zoey for the occupational therapists so that we can (hopefully) start some treatment soon. Oh, but first there were the multiple phone calls and messages and waiting to be called back by the OT place. *sigh*. Why is so much of adulthood spent on the phone?

Did I mention I’m going back to work? Next week. Surprise! Over the past week I’ve been doing a lot of emailing (and more phone calls! And more messages! And more waiting for calls back!) in order to finalize it all and yes, it is really happening. I’m going back to work next week! More on that later.

Of course, I couldn’t finalize going back to work until we hired a nanny to take care of the kiddos so that I could actually commit to leaving them in order to, you know, go to work. So Zach and I spent ten days doing I don’t even know how many but definitely more than ten nanny interviews. Then we had to sit down and talk about our options, choose someone, call her and offer her the job, call everyone else and say “No thanks.” And then the whole process of coming up with a nanny contract and figuring out how we’ll do taxes, etc, etc, etc. All of which we’ve never done before.

Did I mention that ALL of the above has been happening, simultaneously, over the past week?

Bleh. I feel like what I really need right now is a massage and a big glass of wine. But hey, I have whine and that’s close enough, right?

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