Fall Toddler Arts & Crafts

There’s just something about Fall that makes me feel so….domestic. I want to bake things. Sew things. Do arts and crafts. It’s my favorite season. I love the colors, the smells, the tastes (oh God, the tastes…). With an onslaught of rain and wind and a very sudden change in the colors of the trees, Fall arrived with gusto here in Seattle last week. I couldn’t be happier. After a trip through the Target dollar aisle, I was all set to do some fun Fall crafting with Zoey. And, hey, I can even call it educational since it teaches her about the seasons, right?

First up: a pumpkin mask. I drew a pumpkin shape on a piece of orange craft foam and handed Zoey some paint and glitter. We let it dry overnight, then I cut out the pumpkin, added two holes for eyes, taped a craft stick to the back and, voila! Pumpkin mask!

IMG_1088 While Zoey was painting the mask, I got started on prepping another project for her. I cut a general tree trunk-ish shape out of construction paper and glued it down to another piece of paper. I then cut out lots of “branches” to be added to the tree. Zoey then got to practice her mad glue stick skills (aka fine motor abilities) by gluing on the branches wherever she liked.

IMG_1093IMG_1094Once all the branches were in place, it was time to add leaves. Enter my dollar store impulse buy of many tiny foam leaf stickers.

IMG_1095Add a couple of pre-cut foam pumpkins and you have yourself a very Autumnriffic scene.

IMG_1098While Zoey was peeling and sticking and organizing and separating and good lord child, enough with the OCD behavior with all the leaf stickers already, I got yet another craft ready for her. More construction paper, this time cutting out and gluing down strips of brown paper to look like a fence in a field. Then more gluestick fun as Zoey made a pumpkin patch with more foam pumpkins.


Ta-da! And that’s how we do craft Fall, here at Clegg House.

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