Bake Bread, Save Dough

We are big bread eaters. Carbirvors, if you will. PB&J pretty much makes a daily appearance around here for lunchtime, and no one in this house is complaining about that. Except when I have to pay more than $4 PER LOAF for bread. Are you kidding me? For bread?

Awhile back, my mom passed on her little-used bread machine to me. When I couldn’t stand to look at the grocery receipt any longer, I dusted it off and set to work baking some bread. While all the loaves I’ve made have technically been successful, I was struggling with the quality of the bread compared to store-bought. It was too crumbly and didn’t slice well or hold up to being smeared with peanut butter (clearly a necessity in this house). It also seemed to go stale after only two days (the joys of preservative-free food). Finally, though, I stumbled upon this awesome recipe. Seriously, this recipe is fantastic. I’ve made it four times now and every single loaf has come out perfect. It is dense enough to hold up to smearing, doesn’t include any of those weird ingredients you never have on hand (vital wheat gluten, anyone?), slices easily, and takes me about five minutes to throw together. And it tastes like carb awesomeness.

I think I’m in love.

My Assistant Baker, watching the machine knead the bread.
My Assistant Baker, watching the machine knead the bread.

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