Well, Hello. Fancy Meeting You Here.

I’m baaa-aaack.

Did you all miss me and my pointless ramblings? I wish I could claim I was off on some childless tropical vacation with the hubby as my excuse for lack of posts recently. Alas, the truth is, I’ve just had a case of plain old-fashioned laziness. The mundane everyday life stuff has been taking over and building up and I needed a little time to just plop my bum on the couch, snuggle up next to that good looking Mister that I married and watch some brain-dead TV. You feel me, right?

So let’s see, what have I missed telling you about…oh! That’s right! I had two job interviews! The first was at a great hospital (the medical system I’ve used for the birth of both babies and all of our medical care) and went really well. They were very interested in me, but I had to walk away from that prospect because I couldn’t fulfill the time commitment they needed from me. The second is at the hospital I worked for previously. I had been scouring their hiring posts, just waiting for something that would fit my availability and interests so that I could apply for it. When I spotted just the right position, I jumped on it. A great recommendation from a friend and former coworker helped as well. I really, REALLY loved working at that hospital; going to work there always felt a bit like going home. I think the interview went well and I’m hoping that I’ll hear good news from them this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

In other news, Zoey has pretty much quit taking naps altogether. On the bright side, I’m no longer playing “Naptime Whack-A-Mole” every day (one goes down, the other pops up). On the other hand, she isn’t really getting the idea behind “mandatory quiet time because mommy neeeeeeeeeeds a break!” and dinner/bedtime is somewhat of a tantrum-y nightmare. So there’s that.

Let’s see, anything else? Hmm. Well there’s that tiny matter of me turning 30 this coming weekend (cringe!). Which might happen without fanfare if I can’t find a babysitter. Eleanor is practically running even though it’s only been a few weeks since her first step. And she learned how to blow bubbles (actual real bubbles, with a wand, not just spit bubbles) which simultaneously blows my mind. Because, TODDLER MUCH??  Oh, and planning Zoey’s Care Bear/Rainbow birthday party that is approaching waaaaay faster than I think is fair (THREE?!?!?! Somebody STOP all this baby-growing-up-craziness!)

So that’s us. What’s new with you?


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