Eleanor At 1 Year


Newborn Eleanor

Ellie. Nora. Little One.

Eleanor 2 months

So many names I have for you, but I don’t yet know which one suits you best. There are so many different aspects to your personality. You are the sweetest little snuggle-bug. I love the way you pucker up and say “mwah!” when I ask for kisses, and the way you wrap your tiny arms around my neck for hugs. Throughout the day, you frequently wander over and climb up in my lap, just to give me a quick snuggle with your head on my shoulder, and then you’re off again to explore something.


All day long, you point to things and exclaim, “Dis!” to let us know we should hand it over immediately. And God help us if we don’t, because you have a temper and you are a biter when you’re mad. You’ll sit down and flop over, folding in half, and flailing your arms while giving the most pathetic “I’m so mistreated!” wail. It’s so hard not to laugh at you during these moments; you’re cute even when you are having a tantrum!


Despite your temper, you really are a sweetheart 99% of the time. When we take a walk in the stroller, you smile up at every person we pass and greet each and every one with a friendly “Hi!” I have yet to see a single person not smile back at you. Random children in the grocery store will stop us to tell us what a cute baby you are. You’re just so darn smiley and happy all the time! (Except when you’re not).


You just learned to walk, taking your first step a little over a week ago. Now there’s no stopping you. You can walk the entire length of the house. Your funny scoot-crawl is rapidly disappearing as you now prefer to walk anywhere and everywhere. You are so proud of your new ability! You are also extremely proud of yourself every time you find something new to climb up on (chairs, tables, the backyard slide…anything and everything).

Eleanor in the morningYou have the best sense of humor. Your giggle is the soundtrack to my day and I absolutely can’t get enough of it.


This past year has brought me so much joy. Within minutes of being born, you smiled at me.  Not a single day of your life has gone by without you continuing to share that smile with me. We have fought through so many hurdles to continue  breastfeeding and we are still going strong. I’m letting you decide when it is time to stop.


Until then, I love to smooth your silky-soft blonde hair over your head and stare at your impossibly long eyelashes brushing your cheeks as I nurse and rock you to sleep each night.  Take your time, darling. I’m in no rush to end this. In fact, just plain take your time with everything. Don’t grow up too fast. I’m enjoying every day with you, sweet baby.

Ellie Big Smile





20130526-224132.jpg20130601-204220.jpgEllie standing no hands

My little peanut-butter scented treasure troll. Why yes, there IS a jewel where her belly button should be...

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

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