What’s the most ridiculous and/or pathetic way you’ve ever hurt yourself? Really? I bet I can top that.
I think I broke my finger.  I did it putting plastic wrap around an ice cube tray. I know, right? There’s a reason my mom always called me the “Walking Accident Waiting to Happen.” In my defense, though, I think this accident-proneness is genetic, and it started with her.

There I was in the kitchen, feeling all proud of myself for turning some ancient frozen peaches and mango into a smoothie for the kids. I poured it into the ice cube tray to freeze baby-sized portions and wrapped it up with plastic wrap when…ow!! I was holding the box of wrap in my left hand, with the edge of the box pressing against the side of my left index finger. Apparently, the sheer force of A PIECE OF CARDBOARD was too much for my dainty phalanges.

I think I need to drink more milk.

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