Meet My Guys

My older brother and I are only about fourteen months apart in age, so we grew up pretty much joined at the hip. As toddlers, we would fight and argue until our mom finally stuck us in time outs in opposite corners of the room. The moment she turned her back, we would sneak across to each other, best friends once again when faced with a common threat (time out). We spent our entire childhoods as each others’ chief playmate. Of all the childhood games we concocted, “Meet My Guys” was our favorite.

The concept was very simple: my brother liked to play “war” games (where the various civilizations of Lego people, Transformers, etc build forts and then attack each other, demolishing everything under the sun) and I have always being a pacifist at heart (I mean, Care Bears really aren’t very good at war, now are they?). So, a hybrid of the two was born. We would spend days building vast cities out of Legos, building blocks, living room furniture, even my mom’s houseplants. We would quite literally occupy half or more of any given room in the house for days on end, leaving everything in place when we went to bed at night so we could immediately jump back in when we woke up. This was the best part. The planning and building and creating of the cities. We each had our own city and people to inhabit it (Lego people, Transformers, Go-Bots, Care Bears, Barbies, Polly Pockets, Ninja Turtles, you name it).  Once we both agreed the building phase of our game was over, the war was on. My “guys” would discover his “guys” (or vice versa) and the two civilizations would battle each other (although without any demolishing) and then, suddenly, come to their senses and decide to be friends. (Can you guess which part was my doing?) We quite literally played this game at least three days a week for years and never got tired of it.

It makes me wonder what games Eleanor and Zoey will come up with together. I hope whatever it is, it’s at least half as awesome as “Meet My Guys.”

2 thoughts on “Meet My Guys

  1. This makes me laugh because my little bro and I also had games that we played like this. He would beg me to play cars with him and I would insist that he play dolls with me first. Then once he had played my game I became too tired to play cars. But eventually when we did play cars we would clear the house of match sticks to build roads and cities and drive-in theatres, they were always built in the hallways and people going to and from bedrooms and bathrooms had to be careful for days on end so they didn’t break the cities. Thanks for bringing back those great memories for me!

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