Me Speak Toddler Real Good

Zoey has recently started making up her own language. There’s a word for everything. It’s really a very simple, yet complex and elegant language. Combine this with the random sayings she picks up from I-have-no-idea-where, and I’m lucky to ever know what’s going on.  A sample conversation:

Zoey (throwing hands dramatically up in the air): “Oh my GAAAWWWDD!”

Me: “Where did you even learn that?”

Zoey: “Ticka-too-too.”

Me: “Ticka-too-too? What does that mean?”

Zoey: “It means there’s a monkey in our house.”

Commence Zoey and Eleanor both making monkey sounds, while Eleanor points emphatically toward the living room where she knows our three foot tall stuffed monkey is.

Me: “Welp. Glad we cleared that up.”

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