One In A Million

Every parent feels like their child is a rare, unique snowflake. One in a million. They are all correct, of course, but I do believe some are more unique than others. Zoey is an amazing combination of genetics and luck and random chance that blows my mind. I give you: a list of reasons why Zoey should buy a Lottery ticket the day she turns eighteen:

1. Ulnar dysplasia (odds: one in 100,000)

2. Left-handed at birth. Although this changed after we did surgery on her left hand and then stuck it in a cast for weeks, she remains quite ambidextrous and I’m convinced her brain is still hard-wired like a lefty. (odds: about 10% chance. No history of it in our families.)

3. Hazel eyes. Zach has hazel eyes and (we discovered after Eleanor was born) a recessive blue-eyed gene. I have brown eyes with a recessive blue-eyed gene. For Zoey to have hazel eyes, Zach would need to have passed a hazel gene (50 – 75% chance. We’re not sure.) and I would have to pass on the blue-eyed gene (50% chance). (Overall odds: I have no idea how to do that kind of math. Less than 25%?)

4). “Outie” belly-button. (odds: unknown, but definitely less than having an “innie.”)

5) Breech at birth (Odds: 3%, or only 3 out of every 100 babies, remain breech at term)

6) Conceived on birth control (odds: those pills are 99.9% effective folks. 99.9%. Leave it to me to be the 0.1% And yes, I was taking it EXACTLY as directed, down to taking it at the exact same time every day. I am a nurse, after all).

Odds of having ALL of the above in one child: mind blowing.

Zoey, you truly are my one in a million baby, and I’m so glad you are exactly the way you are.

2 thoughts on “One In A Million

  1. Oh boy! That is quite the list! Forget the lottery ticket…send her on a trip to Vegas! My youngest is left-handed and was breech but they got him turned before I delivered!

  2. I have this exact disease. I am 34 years old, and have it in my right arm. I was born a righty but obviously use my left hand. I went on to play college football, get an ivy league education, was a state and city tennis champ (served with one arm), and agree we are good looking 🙂
    Happy to hear Zoey is living it up with our disease. I have never seen another in person in my lifetime.
    Stay well and thanks for bringing light to our story.

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