The Hilarity of Google

Some of my favorites from the list of search terms that have led people to this here blog:

“Accessorizing SAHM” (Pretty sure I would have to look up “accessory” in a dictionary before it could be applied to anything I wear, so this is hilarious).

“Tied Up In Leather” (awkward. Bet they weren’t expecting a mommy blog…)

“Daughter Enema” (um…)

“Batman Sleeper for Newborns” (Where do I get one?)

“Nom Nom” (enough said)

“Everybody Happy In The World Imagine” (I like your optimism?)

“Pregnant Games In Hospital Games For Big Girl Games” (you lost me…)

“my daughter put hand soap on toothbrush and brushed teeth is this dangerous” (I feel you.)

“”hefting you” what does it mean” (It means I was pregnant, all right? That’s a lot of weight to move around. Geez!)

“Something is seriously wrong with Seattle” (When it doesn’t rain, I agree with you.)

“lions fighting”  (????)

“and I’m like screw this” (again…???)

and my all time favorite:

“how to convince your parents into letting you have blue and white hair” (I’m going with “seek forgiveness rather than permission” on this one).

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