Heavy Lifting Is What Husbands Do Best

You may recall that I mentioned that Zach’s sister – who just got her Master’s degree from the VCU Brand Center – was in town recently for a job interview. She got the job! And that means we get another member to our household! The girls adore their Auntie Kelsie and having her live with us is going to be a lot of fun for them. Zoey wakes up every morning saying, “Guess what! It’s Auntie Kelsie is coming day!” and we have to gently remind her that it’s still a couple weeks until Kelsie will be here. In the meantime, we are busy turning the whole house upside down to make room for Kelsie.

We rent a small three bedroom, two story house. The main (ground) floor has one average-sized bedroom, one small bedroom and a bathroom. The finished basement has a common room with a bathroom and a large bedroom coming off of it. Until now, Zoey has had the largest bedroom in the basement all to herself, while we were in the average-sized room on the main floor and Eleanor in the small room. We chose this setup because we did not feel comfortable leaving Zoey (or both girls, once Ellie was born) alone on the main floor all night. If someone broke in, we might as well set out a sign saying, “Welcome burglars! Here, have our children too! We’re passed out in the basement and won’t notice until morning!” Also, putting Zoey in the basement allowed us to create the complete sensory deprivation chamber dark and quiet environment she requires for sleeping without feeling like we have to tiptoe and whisper after her bedtime.

A couple weeks ago when it was reaching thermonuclear temperatures in our house and Eleanor was rashy, miserable and not sleeping, we moved the nursery furniture down into the common room of the basement outside Zoey’s room. It stays nice and cool down there and we all got a little more sleep that way. Then we got the news that Kelsie will be coming to live with us, so we spent this weekend moving Zoey’s stuff upstairs into Eleanor’s old room. As soon as Kelsie arrives, she’ll take over our room on the main floor and we will move into the large basement bedroom, with Eleanor staying right outside our door in the common area. It’s ridiculous how many times we’ve* moved the same pieces of furniture down the stairs, up the stairs, over a room or two and then back down the stairs again.

Luckily, once Kelsie gets here we’ll have a free babysitter who can watch the kids while we go get massages and drink away our aching backs at the local wine bar.

*By “we” I of course mean Zach does 95% of the heavy lifting while I direct, frequently change my mind about where things should go, and try to keep children from screaming and/or getting squished under a dresser. Personally, I like this arrangement. It’s really working for me.

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