Camping: Farm Style

A friend of mine from PEPS, along with her husband, recently purchased a farm which they have turned into a thriving community sustained agriculture (CSA) produce delivery service. The farm is gorgeous, covering twenty acres, nestled right next to the Snohomish river.  Our farmer friends invited the PEPS families to come up for a camp out last weekend, and since our first attempt at camping out in my parents’ backyard had gone so well a few days earlier, we were eager to join in.

Skylight Farms greenhouse

Skylight Farms at Sunset

Helping to set up a tent
Helping to set up a tent

The kiddos all had a truly magical time: jumping around in the tents like bouncy houses, making s’mores, discovering the joy of the “stomp rocket,” sleeping in tents (or not sleeping, in Zoey’s case. And thus, our whole family’s case. Bleh.), and even waking up to the wonder of a hot air balloon flying overhead and landing in the field next door.

The stomp rocket
The stomp rocket

I wish I had a video of the first time Zoey tried to do the stomp rocket. She jumped with both feet onto the purple air pump, but her feet were wet and slipped out from under her. She landed with her bum on the pump which shot the rocket impressively high into the air. It was priceless.

Hot Air Balloon 1We were the first ones awake in the morning (at 5:30. Thanks for that, Zoey) so we got to see this balloon rise up, spend about an hour in the air over the farms, and then land in the fields of the farm next door. I had never seen a hot air balloon before (other than pictures, of course) so it was pretty magical for me too.

Hot Air Balloon 2

Hot Air Balloon 3

What a beautiful way to wake up! We all got to harvest a crate of fresh produce from the farm to take home before we left, as well. Seriously fresh and delicious produce, seriously good friends.

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