When Babies Strike Back

Remember when I wrote about Zoey being a bit…overzealous with her affection for Eleanor? As in, tackling and squashing her on a regular and frequent basis. Not much has changed there. We still get a lot of tackling, pushing, pulling, grabbing and toy snatching on a daily basis. What has changed, however, is Eleanor’s ability to fight back. That kid got teeth, yo.

I take ten seconds to go to the bathroom (why do they always wait until you go to the bathroom to try and kill each other?) and I hear Zoey suddenly crying hysterically, usually a sign that she’s tired and fed up with Eleanor messing up whatever toys Zoey has been lining up and categorizing with painstaking precision.

Zoey: “WAAAAHHH!!!!”

Me: “Zoey, you’re ok. I’ll be right there. I’m almost done.”

Zoey: “I’m not ok! Ellie BITED me!!!”

Me: 😳


I kid you not, Eleanor left tooth marks that were still visible more than twenty-four hours later on that poor kid’s arm!

This happened to coincide with the same time that Eleanor started biting me as well. Did she stop there? Oh no. The little carnivore wouldn’t be content until she got a taste of every member of the family.

Zach Face Bite

Yup, that’s Zach’s face. Scarily close to the eye, you might notice. Ellie was all, “Hey dad, come here and let me give you a kiss…CHOMP! Ooh, I do love the taste of face flesh.” Seriously? Seriously.

5 thoughts on “When Babies Strike Back

  1. Sej is biting us really hard too, not enough to break skin but it hurts! What are you doing to try to stop her? So far I’m just saying no and holding him away so I can make eye contact.

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