And Then Summer Hit and The Blog Died

Wow you guys. What has it been? Two weeks since I posted anything? Other than a whiny excuse for why I wasn’t posting? Ok, so let’s do a quick recap of what happened over the past two weeks:

Zach’s sister came for a visit and job interview here in Seattle.

We went to a solstice festival and our friend’s farm.

The toddler started crying with pain every time I made her go to the bathroom and refused to pee for eight hours so I took her to the doctor.

The toddler started peeing again.

It got hotter than blazes in our house.

The baby got a fever for four days which then disappeared and was replaced by a rash over her entire body.

The baby refused to nurse or eat anything for 24 hours so I took her to the doctor.

The baby continued to refuse to nurse and instead BITE me SO HARD EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I even put her near me to nurse. For DAYZZZZZZ.

Lots and lots of pumping breastmilk, frustration, crying (me and the baby) and several conversations with lactation consultants.


The baby started nursing and eating again. Mostly.

The 4th of July and the girls’ first tent camp out in Grandma and Grandpa’s backyard.

Ok, I think that about covers it. So. In short, I was just feeling a tad bit too overwhelmed to update this here blog. And hot. Way too hot. (Yes, I do realize the rest of the country deals with a lot hotter and more frequent/constant heat. Don’t care. Still complaining. I will remind you that #1: I live in Seattle where no one has air conditioning. Even many stores don’t have AC. #2: I am a whiny wimp. #3: You love me anyway).

I promise new updates about all (or most) of the above-mentioned things are coming. Thanks for missing me. (I hope you missed me). (I also hope you like parentheses.) (Because, clearly, I do.)

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