Too Hot To Blog


Holy hell. When did Seattle become the surface of the sun? There are approximately three people in Western Washington with air conditioned homes. We are not one of them.

So there haven’t been any posts in awhile because my brain cells done melted. Regular posting will resume when I can step outside without a double layer of SPF 90 and an ice pack stuffed down the back of my shirt.


9 thoughts on “Too Hot To Blog

  1. Wuss! Just kidding lol! Here in southern Cali we are hitting the 90s, ugh. I’m staying indoors today, at least until sundown πŸ™‚

    1. Haha, oh yes, I’m definitely a wuss! No arguments there. But see, in CA you have air conditioning. Here we have humidity and cheap, loud rotating fans from Walgreens. Bleh…. 😝😲

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