That’s So Pinteresting: Butterfly Baby Feet

It’s time for another exciting edition of “That’s Sooooooo Pinteresting!!”

This time, a Father’s Day craft that turned out really well.

I give you, adorable Baby and Toddler Butterfly Feet!

Butterfly Feet

Here’s what you’ll need:

Scrapbook paper or other heavy crafting paper

A frame (I got this deep Ikea frame at the thrift store – win!)

Washable kids’ paint (I used Crayola)


Cup or bowl of water

paper towels

*Tip: I found it best to do one kid at a time and one foot at a time. I did Eleanor’s feet first thing in the morning, before Zoey woke up. Timing is important when it comes to babies – right after waking up and nursing is a great time because they are calm and alert, not fussy and wanting to squirm as much.

Here’s how you do it:

1) Wash and dry the kid(s)’ feet. Don’t want sock lint or dirt on your butterfly wings!

2) Using a paintbrush, paint stripes of color onto the child’s foot. I found it best to start at the heel. Rinse the brush in the water and pat it dry on a paper towel between each color to prevent mixing (or use a different brush for each color if you have enough paintbrushes)

3) Press foot down onto paper, making sure to avoid wiggling or sliding, and adding a little extra pressure to the toes. Lift straight up.

4) Wash paint off foot and repeat with opposite foot. Notice the placement of the feet is opposite how your child would be if standing (i.e. it’s like the legs are crossed – left foot is on the right, right foot is on the left)

5) Allow footprints to dry (I used a hair dryer to speed up the process) and then paint on the butterfly’s body and antennae.

6) Add embellishments: paint on the kids’ names, ages or the year. Sprinkle glitter on the wet paint. Googly eyes on the butterfly. Get creative and have fun with it!

7) When the paint is all dry, put your beautiful project in a frame. Tada!

Butterfly feet frame


5 thoughts on “That’s So Pinteresting: Butterfly Baby Feet

  1. Yours definitely turned out better than mine! G thought it tickled so much that I had to go pretty quickly 🙂

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