Eleanor At 10 Months

My little Ellie Bug.

Ellie SCM playhouse

There are so many fun things you can do!

Say “yay!” and clap your hands.

Point out exactly which food you want (usually Mum-Mum crackers) and ask for it with sign language.


Stack cups inside each other and rings on the ring stacker.

You’ve taken one little half step and will surely be walking very, very soon.

Ellie standing no hands

The other day you were playing with the vintage Care Bears and Cloudmobile (that’s the Care Bear car, for you non-80’s children) from my childhood. You pulled a Care Bear out of the bag and tried to set it in the seat of the Cloudmobile just like you’ve seen Zoey do so many times.

You love to push toys around on the ground while making a noise that sounds a lot like “vroom, vroom!”

Ellie SCM shopping carts

You say “night, night” and “bye, bye” and wave and blow kisses in the most adorable way.

You’ve learned to suck food out of a pouch which is really nice for me.

You initiate games, holding your blanket over your head and waiting for me to say “Wheeeerrrrree’s Eleanor?” so you can suddenly pull it down with a big grin while I say “Peekaboo! There she is!” Or you grab your feet and starting “clapping” them together in the hopes that I will start doing Pat-a-cake with you. Or the hat game. You love to put anything and everything on your head like a hat and then smile or giggle. If I say “Where does your hat go?” you reach up to your head.

Where does Ellie's hat go?

You try – and somewhat succeed – to make an elephant sound like mommy, daddy and big sister do. In fact, you know the word “elephant.” The other day when I said it in passing, you immediately started trying to make the sound! Such a smart girl.

But my most favorite thing about you continues to be your joyful personality. Everywhere we go, people comment on how happy and smiley you are. Waking up to you every morning is one of my favorite parts of the day.


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